DK Prabhakar

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Mr. Dinesh Kumar Prabhakar has over 40 years of experience in the field of Music, as a Violinist, Director, Conductor, Composer and Vocalist. He shares his skills, knowledge and experience with the next generation in the subtle art of playing the violin, singing and music appreciation.

He is mentor to several young aspiring artists and guides them in their musical journey, guiding them in the subtle art of music appreciation, exclusive Gurubani, light Indian and classical music, playing the violin, and singing along with the harmonium, keyboards and tabla.


He facilitates online training sessions through Skype. His students are from small age of 3 Yrs to the senior age of 80 yrs. His focus is on nurturing the talents of every student by conducting one on one sessions. He inspires his students by providing opportunity to perform on stage in live music programs and concerts along with him.


Mr. Prabhakar performs regularly at various shows be it personal and private performances, which includes playing the violin and organising devotional performances. Accompanying and complementing him in some of these performances are his well-trained students. He also composes for music albums, music for documentaries (short and animation) and provides music for jingles, and advertisements.